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Putting people first

Talent is the strategic resources for the survival and development of enterprises. Qiaolong has been adhering to the concept of ‘putting people first’ and actively creating atmosphere of respect, understanding, integrity and friendly. It respects the knowledge and talents of people, establishes and perfects multi-channel and diversified talents introduction, selection and development mechanism, provides growth platform for talents, makes the talents as the strong support for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and achieve the growing and development of both the enterprise and the talents.

Assembler (2 people, 4000-8000)

1. responsible for vehicle chassis transformation, responsible for vehicle oil system installation.
2. responsible for the equipment and hoisting of the body parts and cars.
3. finish production tasks on time and responsible for assembly quality.
1. secondary school or above, majored in mechanical engineering;
2., you can understand blueprints simply.
3. strong learning ability and professional knowledge, good team spirit and strong execution.

Blanking workers (2 people, 4000-6000)

1. according to the blanking plan, strictly follow the drawing, process and operation.
2. responsible for blanking, cutting, bending, rolling, punching, etc.
3. lay good materials in good order and make good status signs.
1. technical secondary school degree or above, more than one year relevant experience.
2. be familiar with the use and maintenance of measuring tools.
3. good team spirit and professional knowledge.

Spray paint workers (5 people, 5000-10000)

1. responsible for raw material pretreatment.
2. According to the production requirements of the painting workshop, the different processes of spraying paint, powder spraying, scraping, feeding, hanging up and hanging down are operated.
3. responsible for parts painting and painting process.
1. master all kinds of painting technology, familiar with the characteristics of various paints and the proportion of paint.
2. Skilled in painting safety operation procedures, more than 2 years of painting experience in automotive and mechanical industries is preferred;
3. suffer from hardship and obey the work arrangement.

Welders (10 people, 4000-10000)

1. welding of vehicles according to each requirement of welding procedure and welding specification;
2. observe welding procedure and strictly use welding materials.
3. finish production tasks on time, and be responsible for welding quality and tailor welded size.
4. after welding, clean up the residue, inspect the welding results, and repair welding without welding in place.
1. junior high school or above, with relevant experience in welder and fitter.
2. will use two welding, can understand simple drawings;
3. suffer from hardship and obey the arrangement.

Process Engineer (1 people, 3500-6000)

1. responsible for welding, machining, cutting and other manufacturing processes, and apply for the corresponding tools, equipment, tooling and so on;
2. Optimize welding line and welding process, painting line and painting process.
3. existing process improvement, tooling equipment investment, work instruction book compilation;
4. Provide technical support for workshop production.
1. bachelor degree or above, majored in Mechatronics or mechanical engineering.
2. familiar with mechanical products related processes and related standards.
3. more than 2 years working experience in manufacturing assembly process.
4. proficient in related drawing software and office software;
5. good ability to identify problems and solve problems.
6. good communication skills and teamwork spirit

Mechanical Engineer (5 people, 5000-8000)

1. Participate in the formulation of the company's new product development plan, participate in the design review of new products, participate in the trial production of new products;
2. Compile technical data for product design;
3. responsible for product drawing design and technical documents compilation.
4. responsible for training drawings for production drawings.
5. assist production to solve technical problems in production process.
6. participate in the analysis and handling of after-sale technical problems.
1. bachelor degree or above, engineer, more than 3 years relevant work experience;
2. strong communication, organization and coordination skills;
3. strong mechanical knowledge, skilled in using industry drawing and general office software;
4. strong sense of responsibility and spirit of research.
5. be serious, careful and not afraid of hardships.

Electrical Engineer (5peopel, 5000-8000)

1. new product electrical system development, design and testing;
2. product electrical troubleshooting, analysis, improvement and improvement;
3. schematic diagram of electrical system, control box and wiring harness.
4. the selection of electrical parts and the formulation of technical agreement;
5. workshop electrical assembly work technical guidance;
6. after sales electrical technical support;
7. new supplier electrical parts testing;
8. parts electrical parts troubleshooting.
1. bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, more than 3 years relevant working experience.
2. strong communication, organization and coordination skills;
3. strong electrical professional knowledge;
4. strong sense of responsibility and spirit of research.
5. conscientious, careful and adaptable to travel occasionally.

Hydraulic Engineer (5people,5000-10000)

1. new product hydraulic system design and test;
2.product hydraulic troubleshooting, analysis, calculation, improvement and improvement;
3. drawing the schematic diagram of the hydraulic system and the layout of the oil circuit.
4. selection of hydraulic components and development of technical agreement.
5. workshop hydraulic system assembly work technical guidance;
6. technical support for after sales hydraulic system.
7. hydraulic system failure communication and solution.
1. bachelor degree or above, engineer, more than 3 years relevant work experience;
2. strong communication and coordination design ability;
3. strong professional knowledge in hydraulics.
4. strong sense of responsibility and spirit of research.
5. be serious, careful and not afraid of hardships.

Salesperson (10 people, base salary 3000-4000+)

1. responsible for the development of sales of emergency vehicles such as emergency drains, and complete business targets.
2. responsible for collecting, collating, summarizing and analyzing industry customer information.
3. responsible for bidding, contract signing and payment recovery.
1. college degree or above.
2. Be able to travel.
3. Sales experience in vehicle and machinery is preferred.
4. Strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills.
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